Benevolent Order of Nebraskans for Erection Reversal: Keep It Limp for Life (BONER KILL) is organized by Amanda Gailey, Janelle Corr, Melody Vaccaro, Patricia “Trish” Wonch Hill, and other Nebraskans who together have over a century of experience reversing boners. We hold the firm belief (it’s okay for beliefs to be firm) that it’s past time for anti-choice ejaculators to take responsibility for their choices. All unwanted pregnancies are caused by irresponsible ejaculation, and if you don’t want pregnant people to deal with unwanted pregnancies as they see fit, you need to stop irresponsibly ejaculating into other people’s vaginas. It’s really that simple!

Drop us a line at! We especially look forward to Male Grievance Reports. Be sure to include your name, reasons why you are aggrieved, at least one misogynist insult, and a description of this web site’s deleterious effects on your boner.

Here are some of us at a recent BONER KILL event at the Nebraska State Capitol. We hope this inspires you to reverse your next erection.

Remember the No Bone Zone!