We are excited to announce our education initiative: Benevolent Order of Nebraskans for Erection Reversal: Keep It Limp for Life (B.O.N.E.R. K.I.L.L.)!

Click here to download our informative brochure, which includes an emergency boner reversal guide:
Think of all the places you can ejaculate that won’t kill your girlfriend or an embryo.

How is it that folks concerned about abortion not only oppose thorough sex education but also put all the burden of unwanted pregnancy on people with uteruses?

Let’s step back and take a look at this situation.

There are a whole lot of things people can do with their genitals, alone or with others, that they find sexually gratifying but do not result in pregnancy.

In fact, some people are even equipped with bits that do nothing but provide pleasure and are not even involved in pregnancy.

The only way a person ends up with an unwanted pregnancy is if someone ejaculates into their vagina, which is completely unnecessary for the pleasure of the person with the vagina.

In other words, every unwanted pregnancy occurred because someone decided that they wanted to irresponsibly ejaculate into a vagina. They could have ejaculated literally anywhere else and kept that unwanted pregnancy from happening.

Once someone is experiencing an unwanted pregnancy, they can do two things: have an abortion or birth a baby they do not want to birth. All of this is caused by out-of-control boners ejaculating where they shouldn’t.

So we at Pro-Life Nebraska think it is of utmost importance for people with sperm to learn about the hazards of irresponsible ejaculation and to understand that just because they have a boner, it is not too late to reverse it.

If you don’t want your sex partner to be able to choose to have an abortion, stop ejaculating in vaginas. Ejaculate elsewhere or nip that erection in the bud.

Save a life. Kill your boner.